Me and My Girl - Page three
Designer Liam Berry. Backcloths by Brian Willis.
Performed by the pupils of Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle (2004)
One of my tricks when presented with a scene is to leave a notebook lying about and as the ideas strike me, jot down all the elements one might find in that venue. So for a 1930's kitchen of a large mansion I ended up with a list including:- High up windows to show this is a basement, Stairs going up for same reason. Thick walled arches. Row of bells for summoning, (Bells in perspective are terrible things to paint) Copper saucepans. Big chimney breast, Rafters, shafts of light, stone floor, and so it goes on. Of course I don't necessarily incorporate all if the listed items. I then spend quite a time designing a room to put these elements in and eventually come up with this :-
Ignore the strange colours, They are just to help me when transferring the outline. Ignore the squares, they are my transferring guides. Note cartoon man on right. He is to scale and gives me an idea of how to scale the rest of the drawing. My Horizon Line is three feet off the floor. (See H.L). This gives me enough perspective to show the flagged floor. The two pillars hopefully will give the scene depth. Anyway a basement this big would need some support! Barrels, a broom, etc all included to give depth and also an excuse to play with the "light" coming from the high windows on the left. This, says he grandly, is to be an exercise in light streaming in and also bouncing off saucepans etc. I wonder if I will succeed? There is now a break for four days whilst I work on a logo for a children's farm and a cartoon calendar for a factory. Ain 't life interesting?
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