Me and My Girl - Page four
Designer Liam Berry. Backcloths by Brian Willis.
Performed by the pupils of Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle (2004)

So here is the Kitchen backcloth "blocked in". All sorts of problems to be solved. I got myself in a muddle with the floor stone slabs on the right. In order to 'open up' the room, I made the vanishing point of the right hand wall different from the rest of the room. In real life the corner (white tub) would not be a right angle. However the knock-on effect is - the floor tiles don't fit.

This scene now needs much work done to it. There is a dilemma with the shaft of light coming from the top left hand windows. (I have marked the shaft with masking tape) What colour do I make the items seen through the shaft? At the moment I have painted them lighter but I don't know if this is going to work. Light falling actually on an object, of course, lightens the surface it strikes. But light passing an object is a different matter. Also there is the reflected light to work on. In this case I have done some (Rt of chimney breast) to infer light bouncing up from the stone floor. Shadows on the floor will help the illusion of depth too. I'll probably put two shadows in different directions at the bottom of the pillars to show light coming, not just from the windows, but also through the arch. Probably won't work.

I shall leave the final colour of the pillars until the end so that I can put them in silhouette to bring them forward. All very interesting. The whole scene will get spots of colour too. - apples in bowl etc. I am pleased with my rafters which helps the 3D illusion.

And here is the completed cloth. Chair on Right for scale. I have had some fun with "light" in this painting...reflections, rays of light, reflected light, shadows, cast shadows, CLICK for close-up
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