CINDERELLA - Coleraine page four
Designed and painted by Brian Willis, Sets constructed by Sean Magee
Performed by Coleraine Provincial Players (1992)
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The Ballroom. Now this was me having some fun, for this backcloth was a direct copy of one from (I think) Sadlers Wells. I am sure they wouldn't mind me pinching their idea!! As a picture it was lovely and I was very proud of it. I was particularly pleased with my marble effects on the pillars. But on the stage it was a disaster. I have left my friend Sean Magee in this photo (He built the sets) to show that actors standing near this cloth looked like giants about twenty feet tall.
DRAWING And here is the outline drawing for the above backcloth complete with the grid measured out in centimetre squares along the edges and the horizon/eye line marked along with six of the vanishing points. (The scale will be different in your browser) The bottom is covered with the rostra so there was no painting there.
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