Viewing a backcloth painted on the floor.
Hey I've just discovered a system for seeing the result of my work by using a computer program. Usually I paint backcloths in their vertical position, i.e. hanging up. However in this instance I was commissioned to paint a set of flats some of which were 16 ft tall. So rather than hire in scaffolding, I elected to paint them on the floor. Once they were painted I climbed my step ladder and took photos. Now of course this was at a very oblique angle. Here's one of them...

Then I used my Paint Shop Pro program to alter the perspective and stitch the resulting two "straightened" photos together and hey-presto...

Ain't science wonderful? I used Paint Shop Pro but I am sure many other graphics programs (such as Photoshop) also have this "Perspective correction" facility. By the way in case you are wondering about the black section bottom right, that's where a rostrum goes.
(Total width of this painting is 24 feet.)
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