NATIVITY (Leaney Primary School) - page one
Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Set constructed by Andy Alexander.
Performed the pupils of Leaney Primary School, Ballymoney, December 2004

First of all here is how the stage normally looks...

leaney school stage

Andy (carpenter) then sheeted in the back wall to give me a flat surface. We also made two wings for either side and built two flats to make a false proscenium to hide the main curtains. Below is the result after two weeks of designing, building, painting and cutting out. The blue colour cast on the two extreme flats is the result of daylight from adjacent windows. Children for scale
Completed Nativity scene
There's an odd looking "cellar window" with bars at the bottom left corner of the above photo. This is in fact a void, cut out to allow access to the public address amplifiers behind.
For more detailed photos please click on any of the thumbnails below. Remember to close the separate window once finished with.
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