Designed, constructed and painted by Brian Willis

Performed by the Sunday School children of Croaghmore Presbyterian Church (Nr. Bushmills) December 2005

And here is my "Stables" photographed in the church hall where I built and painted it. (5ltr paint tin on right for scale) Total height 9 feet. Total width 12 feet. Black plastic PVC on the floor to protect the carpet. The construction is as follows...
Two palm tree flats , one either side, form a false proscenium. These are attached to a bookflat. The bookflat has a separate "beam" linking one side to the other, thus ensuring the bookflat always remains at the same angle when opened. I cut voids in both flats of the book flat and behind these hung little "night sky" cloths. These cloths are suspended from laths of wood which link from the bookflat to the palm wing (helping to strengthen the piece). The whole structure is quite rigid but to ensure even more strength I also fixed two french braces with stage weights to the back.

This set was placed on a raised dais some 14" high, making the eyeline of the audience (congregation) at 2'10". This photograph gives a rather distorted impression of the painted floor, probably because of the wide angle lens I had to use as I could not get back far enough. In reality the floor looked quite natural.
A practical crib was placed in front of this set so I have painted reflected light on the beams etc. making the shadows go "up". I painted lots of beams to give me an excuse to" illuminate" these from below.

And here is the "Nazareth" cloth (see previous page) hung between the two palm flats. Psst note how I got my measurements wrong and the left hand side of the "Arch" is hidden by the palm trees!

In the performance this cloth is Scene One, which was then removed to reveal the Stables (at the top of this page) which was the second scene.

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