CINDERELLA - Bushmills Sets page two
Designed and painted by Brian Willis. Scenery built by Brian Willis and Kenny McKay.
Performed by members and friends of Bushmills Primary School PTA (2004)

The Kitchen Painted on the back wall of the school stage and there's still that blooming lath of wood running right through the painting about 4 feet off the floor. This painting is 18 feet long and 7 feet high. Many of the elements in this scene I have used before But I think I have got the hang of painting reflected light better now. ( See my Provincial Players version of this cloth. But remember to close the separate window once finished with)

There were two light sources in this scene The firelight and the daylight from the door and window. This was fun to plan. So there's the red glow on the coal "cauldron" and the shadows on the far right pillar from the fire, but also the daylight on the right edge of the hanging red dress and the top edge of the mantelpiece. By the way see the shadow of the broom handle on the right - curved to hint the pillar was curved at that point. I tried to curve the broom shadow around the pillar and make it elongated. Not sure if that was very successful. Toe of right leg of white tights should have been in front of the cauldron not behind it. Too late now!

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